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Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida


The Paynes Prairie chapter of FNPS serves Alachua, Bradford, northern Levy counties. All FNPS members and the public are welcome to attend our meetings.

Check out the Paynes Prairie Chapter of FNPS on Facebook.

For Information about the chapter, contact Rob Garren, ecologist@cox.net.

Send chapter mail to:
P.O. Box 1004
Archer, FL 32618

Paynes Prairie Chapter FNPS Officers for 2016
    President: Robert Garren  ecologist@cox.net
    Vice President: Mark Elliott  markelliott1955@gmail.com
    Secretary: Ellen Thoms  ellenthomsllc@outlook.com  (352-333-3814)
    Treasurer: Goldie Schwartz  afn49@mindspring.com
    Chapter Rep: Sandi Saurers  sandi@bbos.com  (352-472-6863)
    Directors: Michael Bubb, Connie Caldwell, Jill McGuire, Karen Schneider, Dan White

Other positions:
    Membership Chair: Goldie Schwartz  afn49@mindspring.com
    Newsletter Editor: Karen Ahlers  ahlers.karen@gmail.com
    Field Trip Coordinator: Karen Garren  iluvfla@cox.net
    Plant Rescue: J. Barichivich  m.terrapin@gmail.com
    Plant ID: Paul Cohen  paulcohen2002@yahoo.com
    Chapter Facebook Maintenance: Lisa Jelks  jelkslg@gmail.com
    Chapter Website Maintenance: Karen Schneider  karenks98@yahoo.com


Published on  07.11.2017